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Botanical Content is a video production and photography business. Our mission is to help your business grow through the power of visual storytelling. 


Create a library of beautiful images for your business that authentically represents you and your brand.

VIDEO production

Videography cuts through the noise and allows your audience to connect with you in a unique and authentic way.


Your content speaks volumes when it is consistent and written by a professional marketing copywriter.

+ get a strategy

We can help tie all of these elements together to create a winning content marketing strategy you can use to promote your business, get more traffic, more leads and more sales.

Develop a consistent brand

Did you know that 75% of your brand is linked to having a consistent and professional image with professional photos and videos.

Create & Grow Your YouTube Channel.

Video content is leading the pack when it comes to brand engagement online, and brands with video content are experiencing a 50% increase in sales conversion rates as a result.

Tell Your Story

Business storytelling helps people create a connection between what they care about and your brand, and videography is a great way to deliver it in an engaging way. It gives you the opportunity to create human connections, and contrast between choices.

Recent Video Production

“The finished product for the videos was excellent. I’ve had great feedback on the quality and how clear the content is. I highly highly recommend Botanical to anyone who requires video content. I’m so happy with the content we created and I will definitely continue to work with Botanical Content in the future“

Paul Xydis,
Director, Paddo Performance

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Watch videos through industry expert interviews we produced for our Botanical Content Unleashed series + other tips and tricks on how you can build a beautiful and sustainable business.  

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