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Botanical Content is a visual content marketing agency in Sydney that specialises in video production and photography, helping you attract new customers and clients, and take them on a journey to building brand credibility and trust through to nurture and sale.

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We exist to help you create the best possible visual experience for your clients and customers through content marketing strategies, content production, video marketing, and captivating photography and graphics.


Content marketing

Content marketing is the backbone of your business. While it helps you connect with your audience, it is used to distribute across all of your marketing channels while having ample SEO opportunities.

Video Marketing

Stand out in the crowd and create authentic connections with your prospective clients and customer through our video marketing service.

Content Photography

Build a beautiful stock library of Marketing Photography for your business. You can rely on our professional photographers to capture the brand image for you and your business.

Video Production Services

Done well, video marketing will generate more engagement with your brand, help you connect with people before they even meet you, convert visitors into leads and sales, and reduce the bounce rate on your website – a key metric used by search engines to rank your website.

Social Media videos

Social media is an incredible way to build awareness and community around your brand, but content without a clearly defined strategy is time and budget wasted. We need to start with the end in mind.

brand films

Business storytelling helps people create a connection between what they care about and your brand, and videography is a great way to deliver it in an engaging way. It gives you the opportunity to create human connections, and contrast between choices.

testimonial & Case study Videos

Video testimonials and case studies are a great way to build trust, and typically engage your clients and customers better and faster than traditional media. They tell a story about a particular product, brand or service by an actual customer. 

Educational videos

Video content is leading the pack when it comes to brand engagement online, and brands with video content are experiencing a 50% increase in sales conversion rates as a result. Educating your customers and clients is a great way to build your YouTube following, and builds trust with your customers and clients.

Animation production

From explainer videos to captivating brand storytelling, animation and motion graphics are a fun and creative way to bring your story to life.

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Content Marketing Photography Services

You can rely on our professional photographers to capture the brand image for you and your business.


Brand Photography

Personal Branding

Product Photography

BZEZ product photography

Content & Social Media Photogrpahy

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