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Botanical Content is a video marketing and photography business in Sydney that helps you attract new customers and clients, and take them on a journey to building brand credibility and trust through to nurture and sale.

Mapping your customer journey

The process of customer journey mapping will help you understand what content you need to create at each stage, helping you attract, convert and delight your prospective clients and customers.

Below is a basic customer journey mapping framework to get you started



During this stage people are searching for a way to solve their problem, or looking for a product they need.



This phase of the customer journey is where people are exploring different options to solve their problem.


By this stage the customer is ready to make a decision and has found a few different options to choose from.


In this stage a purchase has been made for your product or service, either online or in person.

Depending on the customer journey you are mapping, there are many different stages and considerations made by the customer before they make a purchase. The question is, how are you answering each one of those questions and guiding your customers through that journey. What content are you creating.

Hi, I'm Alicia

The last 15 years of my life have been spent working in technology, photography, marketing and video production. I studied photography in 2006, and initially started a degree in marketing in 2013 to help promote myself as a photographer, but fell in love with mixing technology, marketing and creativity together to help business expand their reach and grow their revenue.

Content creation has been the backbone of marketing strategies I have employed throughout my career, to which I have had great success. I have helped clients more than double their business in 12 months, increase website traffic and fill events and retreats.

Now I help solopreneurs and small business owners map the customer journey, and create content that has a purpose at each stage of that journey.

Alicia Lansdown, Founder and Creative Director of Botanical Content

Your goal and your customer journey

When you map the customer journey you will know exactly what type of content you need to create and for what platform.

You have to know your customers first though, because when you know your customers you will know the problems they are trying to solve, and how you can take them on a journey from frustration to satisfaction.

Create & Grow Your YouTube Channel.

Video content is leading the pack when it comes to brand engagement online, and brands with video content are experiencing a 50% increase in sales conversion rates as a result.

Engage & delight your audience on social

Social media is an incredible way to build awareness and community around your brand, but content without a clearly defined strategy is time and budget wasted. We need to start with the end in mind. 

Create a lead generation tool

Having video on a landing page will help it convert up to 80% higher than pages that do not. Video is a great way to provide value and build trust with your clients before they even met you in person.

Build trust

(real client love from a Botanical Content client)

“The finished product for the videos was excellent. I’ve had great feedback on the quality and how clear the content is. I highly highly recommend Botanical to anyone who requires video content. I’m so happy with the content we created and I will definitely continue to work with Botanical Content in the future“

– Paul Xydis,
Director & Head Physiotherapist
Paddo Performance

connect with your brand story, 

Business storytelling helps people create a connection between what they care about and your brand, and videography is a great way to deliver it in an engaging way. It gives you the opportunity to create human connections, and contrast between choices.

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