In late September we were approached by Chasing Rats in Canada to help drive traffic and engagement on their booth at SXSW Sydney 2023, where they were showcasing their new Worship game.

Overview of Chasing Rats

Chasing Rats Games, a game developer, is known for crafting unique multiplayer experiences. Their standout titles include “Worship,” a multiplayer roguelike inspired by Pikmin, where players lead a cult in service of a dreadful god, and “Struggling,” a co-op platformer that requires players to control the limbs of a squishy creature to overcome bizarre challenges. These games highlight the company’s innovative approach to fun and watchable game design.

Objectives of the Activation

To build anticipation and drive traffic to their booth at SXSW Sydney, and to reinforce their brand’s focus on joining and engaging gamers at the event

Target Audience
Gamers at SXSW Sydney, particularly those interested in cult games.

Description of the Activation
Chasing Rats launched a bold marketing campaign featuring a distinct eerie theme to promote a gaming event.

To support their campaign, we organised poster distribution, booth decorations, and actors clad in unsettling black costumes who roamed Sydney’s city streets and SXSW gaming venues, asking people ‘if they wanted to be a leader of a cult’, distributing leaflets with a cryptic message leading them to the Mercure Sydney, where the gaming activation took place.

Strategic Approach
The activation utilised guerrilla marketing tactics for direct public engagement, aiming to create a memorable encounter that would resonate with the SXSW punters, and gamers alike.

Results of the activation
There was a real buzz around the activation, and at the booth – driving a great deal of traffic and people trying out the game, which was our main goal.

Chasing Rats originally booked us for two half days, but when the opportunity arose to showcase their game for an additional day, they asked us to come back again.

On day two Concrete Playground were roaming around doing interviews about the Future of Gaming, so we tapped on their shoulder. They loved the cultist talent and wanted to talk to the brand behind it, so we jumped on the opportunity, and the interview was showcased on their social media platforms.