About Botanical Content

We are a Sydney based marketing agency that helps small and medium sized businesses attract new clients, convert leads and increase revenue.

We have a background in web technology, marketing, automation and content creation. 

Our mission is to help businesses create sustainable marketing solutions they need, backed with great content and promotion to help businesses achieve their goal.

We work closely with our clients to achieve their goals, to which we are committed to. 


Our Story

It all began over a few gins at a women’s networking event in Sydney between two friends with  marketing backgrounds – one with additional photography and videography skills, and the other a copywriter and journalist.

With the botanicals of the gin flowing, we both felt the connection between the botanicals and nature, and the how content and marketing really should be quite organic too… 

…but so many brands weren’t doing this – their content was either missing the mark or they were not getting the results they hoped for.

So we started Botanical Content to help businesses stay relevant and stay top of mind, by creating content and backing it with the right strategy and tools to do so.

The business launched during the COVID-19 pandemic as a video production and photography business, helping small to medium sized businesses build visual marketing content. 

We realised we could be helping more businesses and bridge the gap between marketing strategy and content, so we expanded. 


How we help you build a sustainable business?

Think of us as your in-house marketing team, here to help you build the foundations for sustainable business, establishing a strong and well recognised brand, improving your marketing processes through automation and increasing your revenue.


  • Branding: Brand voice, values, image and your mission is the backbone of your business. It is what makes you cut through the noise. 
  • Marketing and Content Strategy: Goal setting, technology and analytics setup to monitor goals, and development of your marketing and content strategy, and marketing funnels.
  • Web Design and Development: We use clean code to ensure your website performs optimally, development of lead generation pages, e-commerce websites, marketing integrations and booking platforms.
  • Content Creation:  Strategy and keyword targeting, video production, photography, blog articles, email marketing, social media posts. 
  • Automation and Technology: We find the right technology and automation solutions for your business, not just the trending ones.
  • Promotion: Through SEO, paid search and social media marketing we help promote your products and services.


Alicia Lansdown

Alicia Lansdown

Founder & Creative Director


For the past 15 years Alicia has worked in web technology, photography, marketing and video production. She completed formal studies in photography in 2007, and initially started a Bachelor Degree of Business, Major in Marketing in 2013 to help promote herself as a photographer, but fell in love with mixing technology, marketing and creativity together to help business expand their reach and grow their revenue.

Content creation, web development and marketing automation has been the backbone of marketing strategies she have employed throughout her career, to which she has have had great success helping clients more than double their business in 12 months, increase website traffic and fill events and retreats.

Bronwen Largier

Bronwen Largier

Copywriter & Journalist


Bronwen is an exceptional copywriter and  qualified journalist, with a Bachelor of Communications (Journalism) with Distinction from RMIT University in Melbourne, and over a decade of experience in marketing, copywriting and journalism.

She has worked for Australia’s national tourism agency, Tourism Australia, for B2B industry media, events media, the education sector in the United Kingdom and for one of Australia’s major sporting events, the Australian Open tennis Grand Slam.

She has also worked on community radio, written marketing plans for awards programs and award submissions, developed video scripts, and proofread strategic documents.

Gerard Milo

Gerard Milo

Web & Marketing Technology


Gerard has an extensive career as a senior developer and technologist in web hosting
digital marketing and media, and is the CEO & Founder of Dashify, a CRM, sales, marketing and booking platform.

Gerard is here to help make your technology and marketing work for you, ensuring your code is clean and your business processes align to your business and marketing goals.

He is a leader and technology mentor who can get things done, improve business processes and procedures using technology and help guide a high performing technology team.

Interested in being a videographer or photographer for Botanical Content?

Send your portfolio to info@botanicalcontent.com.au