Botanical Content officially launched in 2020 during the COVID19 pandemic as a video production and photography company with a marketing focus and mission to help your business grow through the power of visual storytelling.

While we reside in the Inner West of Sydney, we have clients in Sydney, Greater Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle. No location for us is out of reach for us.

Why Botanical Content?

The name for the business was born in 2019 on a night out at a networking event. Over a few gins between two friends, a photographer/videographer and copywriter both with a background in marketing we thought, there’s so much in the botanics of nature that resonates with the organic nature of what content produces for businesses.

…and we were seeing so many amazing brands that weren’t creating amazing content for the business.

We wanted to help brands ensure they are relevant and stay top of mind.

AND… The future of marketing resides in video content.

What we do?

Since 2020 we have been building the foundations for a sustainable business, helping our clients create content strategies and deliver high production visuals.
We help businesses develop content their business needs to connect with their audience, through:

  • Brand films,
  • Educational videos,
  • Live streaming,
  • Lead magnet videos,
  • Online courses,
  • Social media videos,
  • Animations,
    and so much more.

Your content is where trust is made and grown, and we want to help you build a successful and sustainable business.


DOP, Creative Director & Founder – Alicia Lansdown

Alicia Lansdown
Alicia’s colourful career has seen her work as a freelance photographer, marketer in media and for startups, and at the start of her career she was a legal secretary, signwriter, and in tech support and training in web technology.

She is formally educated as a photographer and marketer, and has over a decade of experience working with high profile clients, such as Telstra, Samsung and The Star to name a few.

She landed her first paid photography gig after meeting a photography business owner on the dance floor of a charity event she was shooting in 2009, which took her on a journey photographing the likes of The Beach Boys, Motley Crue, William Shatner, and she’s toured with Rhianna in 2010.

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