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Client Spotlight

Henry Beds, the Sustainable Dog Bed Solution

Blaik, the owner and founder of Henry Beds, approached us with the exciting opportunity to launch their line of dog beds for the e-commerce market, requiring content photography and social media reels.

We were immediately drawn to the idea of a sustainable dog bed with washable covers and a waterproof memory foam mattress. This addressed a common issue we’ve encountered, where many dog beds lack durability and cannot be easily cleaned.

Collaborating closely with Blaik, we delved into his creative vision for the brand, crafting mood boards and participating in location scouting to ensure his vision came to fruition.

On the day of production, our team included a group of adorable puppies (including our very own, Harry), skilled content creators, our photographer, and our videographer, all working harmoniously to bring Blaik’s vision for Henry Bed to vibrant life.

Henry Beds Social Media Photography. Puppy laying on dog bed next to window surrounded by plants
Talisman sports tech commercial photography

Client Spotlight

Talisman, Get Your Heart in The Game

Talisman, a pioneering sports-tech startup, places heart health at the forefront of their mission, engineering a biometric device aimed at enhancing the performance of players and athletes, while prioritising their cardiac well-being.

Our collaboration with Talisman has been intensive, focusing on application design, marketing and visual media.

The website design reflects Talisman’s innovative spirit, offering visitors an engaging and informative platform, and offers lines of communication with Talisman’s audience through email marketing automation.

In social media marketing, we have tailored a strategy to amplify Talisman’s reach and impact, and curated content that resonates with their audience and aligns with their brand ethos to build a thriving online community.

Together, we’re shaping a safer, more optimised future for athletes worldwide.

Client Spotlight

Chasing Rats Activation at SXSW, Sydney 2023

Chasing Rats launched a bold marketing campaign featuring a distinct eerie theme to promote a gaming event.

To support their campaign, we organised poster distribution, booth decorations, and actors clad in unsettling black costumes who roamed Sydney’s city streets and SXSW gaming venues, asking people ‘if they wanted to be a leader of a cult’, distributing leaflets with a cryptic message leading them to the Mercure Sydney, where the gaming activation took place.

The activation utilised guerrilla marketing tactics for direct public engagement, aiming to create a memorable encounter that would resonate with the SXSW punters, and gamers alike.

Chasing Rats, Worship Game Activation at SXSW, Sydney 2023
Personal training advertising photography

Case Study

The Launch of Strength en Movement

Strength en Movement (SEM) is a physiotherapist that uses strength training and physiotherapy to help his clients heal from injury. He works with bodybuilders, powerlifters, football players, and anyone struggling to overcome injury (and build strength).

When the owner and founder of SEM, Zab, was 24 he had a severe back injury that almost put him under the knife, but he met a physio who helped him recover surgery free. Since then he’s been on a mission to help people heal from injury, and get strong in the gym injury and surgery free, in which he’s been successful.

Zab came to us wanting to create a simple website, photography, and video content for his website and across his social media channels.

The video content created will help Zab not only share his expertise on social media but take his potential clients on a journey from brand awareness all the way through to booking.