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Helping You Create Purposeful Visual Content and Media to Support Your Business Goals 

Creative media and visuals are the golden ticket to building trust with your audience, forming strong brand recognition, and increasing conversion rates in advertising. In other words – if you want people to sit up and take notice of what you have to say, show them!

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The Visual First Approach

Visual content and media is a necessity in order to cultivate meaningful and lasting relationships with your target audience. It provides creative, informative ways for people to interact with brands while still ensuring that the brand remains true to itself; bringing stories alive through some of the most impactful channels – ultimately making more personalised connections faster than ever!

Visual Media & Content Services

With a visual focused strategy you have the power to be remembered up to 90% more than you would with just written content, because our brain works visually and can process information faster. 


It all starts with a strategy, and having a well thought-out and researched content marketing strategy that is aligned to your goals helps guide the content creation required for your brand to create meaningful connections with your audience.

Video Production

Videos are the best way to create authentic connections with your clients and customers, and gives your brand more exposure and engagement, helping your business increase ROI and brand awareness.


Move over stock photography, as nothing beats having bespoke photography for your brand. We will help you build a beautiful stock library of photography for your business, capturing the true essence of your brand image.



Writing professional copy is just the start of content marketing, and requires edge and consistency so the message being delivered resonates with your readers and viewers, and is consistent across all communication channels.


Once you build some great content, you need to get it out there. So whether your goal is to generate more leads, sales, brand awareness or just traffic to your website, we can help you plan and execute a winning strategy.


Graphics & Animation

Graphics and animation can be a simple way to help communicate what you do to your clients and customers, and are great for brands where ‘people’ are not the face. Think avatars, animated explainer videos and infographics.


Ready to Amplify Your Impact on The World Through the Power of Creative Media and Video Marketing?


Let’s see how we can help you stand out, and get more sales and leads with creative media and visual content.

Alicia Lansdown, Founder & Creative Director at Botanical Content
Bronwen Largier

Our Story

It all started on a night out. Two women in marketing at a networking event drinking gin. 

While we watched the night unfold we talked about the issues businesses face, which is creating good content.

There was no structure, consistency or strategy. Everything seemed disconnected.

So while the botanicals of the gin were flowing, so was our creativity.

We found the link between the botanicals in gin and the botanicals in nature, and the cycles nature goes through. There is so much we can learn from nature that can be applied to our business, to make a thriving beautiful business.


What People are Saying

“My Experience Was Fantastic”

My experience was fantastic. I’m very particular about what I want for my brand and the MonkeyFoodz vision. So we sit down and went through a detailed brief. From there the magic happened :)

– MonkeyFoodz

“Amazing to Work With”

Botanical Content was amazing to work with. They helped us film a promotional video at the Sydney royal show with a group of children. They were very professional, easy going, fun, great with kids and made the whole process a breeze. They are not afraid to get in and get the great shots. Thanks Alicia

– Showbags

“High Quality of Delivery”

One of the best creatives I’ve worked with in a long time. From concept to execution it was an easy process for my latest brand launch. They worked easily with the models in a very busy environment and captured the vibe of The brand perfectly. They went the extra mile to ensure I had the right marketing content for my future sales. I would recommend her. Very low risk, and high quality of delivery.


Check Us Out

Our Work & Articles

Take a look inside to see what have been up to at Botanical Content, and some juicy articles and videos to help you along your visual content marketing journey.

Ready to Amplify Your Impact on The World Through the Power of Creative Media and Video Marketing?


Let’s see how we can help you stand out, and get more sales and leads with creative media and visual content.