When Elisa first reached out and said she wanted to create a company music video for her company, Maven Data. From that moment we ignited our imagination and dug deep to understand “Who is Maven Data” so we could understand what it was we were creating, and how we were going to deliver on the vision Elisa shared with us.

Elisa’s Experience

Elisa shares her experience working with us in this video.

The Finished Product

Full Version:

90 Second Version:

Our Process


Finding the perfect location is everything. Elisa wanted something with an urban feel. We presented a number of locations and Elisa chose Carriageworks. On the day before our shoot Elisa and I caught up in Bondi. Because some of the script talks about standing out in a crowd, and during that time Bondi was one of the busiest places in Sydney, we decided to shoot there too.

We went through a few rounds of script edits and produced a list of shots that would tie in together to tell the Maven Data story.

After a few cancellations due to bad weather we finally shot the Maven Data Brand Film on the 4th of October 2020.

Production Day 1

With our shots list and script ready, production day was easy. We met Elisa on location at Carriageworks and worked our way through the script and shots list.

Because Elisa practiced her script and the shots we carefully planned out ahead of time, we finished filming in just under three hours.

Production Day 2

On day 2 we trounced around Bondi beach getting some interesting looks as I filmed Elisa in all her Maven feathers.

Post Production

During post production Elisa realised she wanted to add some more theatrics to the video, so we added stock animation, international footage and title effects along the way.

We also produced a 90 second version.