Two weeks ago (or maybe three now, I have lost track) when COVID-19 cases started to grow in Sydney I bit the bullet and jumped on a plane to Perth in hope to make it before the borders closed. One hour after boarding the pilot announced a potential 14 day quarantine – half the people on the plane got off, I stayed on. Then another hour later WA closed its borders and the flight was cancelled…

…well that was an exciting round trip to the airport.

From there everything started to shut down, events pushed back and a whole lot of my business was cancelled and postponed, leaving me with a tiny bit of marketing work for a couple of clients (who I am so grateful for).

With a glass of wine in hand wearing a bear onesie I started deep-diving into a project I had been chipping away at, which is lockdown and setback proof.

While this isn’t for people trying to build their personal brand (we have another solution for that – coming soon), it is a great option for businesses that want to (and let’s be honest, we should all have these goals):

  • Improve your SEO rankings
  • Keep your audience informed and engaged
  • Create professional videos on an ongoing basis, and
  • Get more from content and a better ROI from your video marketing

Let’s lockdown proof your video content!

I have carefully curated a list of highly skilled acting talent ready to film your content from their professional home studio setup, which we edit in-house ready to go live on your website, social media channels and YouTube.

Hiring talent is a no-brainer:

  1. They are trained professionals who are confident on camera already – that’s right, no hours spent training staff who don’t want to be filmed anyway
  2. Learning a script comes easy to them – you’d be surprised how long it can take to film a 2 minute video with people who don’t have media training. For some it comes naturally, but for most we lose our train of thought in-front of the camera
  3. They have their own professional studio setup at home – no equipment or studio hire cost, or film crew cancellations due to a lockdown, and
  4. You can have the footage delivered RAW or we can edit it for you – this gives you so much flexibility with the edit if you have an editor in-house, or we can do it for you with everything from captions, superimposed text and graphics, animation, logo reveals to call to actions (CTAs).

Ready to keep growing and defy lockdown and setbacks?

I would love to hear from you – please call Alicia on 0406 134 322 or book a 30 minute chat.